April 13, 2010

Rubber Cement Easter Eggs?!

I love the holidays and make it a point to celebrate and decorate for each one.  Every year we dye Easter eggs on Easter weekend.  This year, we tried a little something different - we drizzled rubber cement on the eggs before dropping them into the dye for a very cool looking result!

 Rubber cement eggs?!  Wha-wha-what?!


Cementing my first egg.
(Pay no attention to the Christmas jammie pants and Michael Jackson tee)


This is serious business, folks.

Step 1: Drizzle cement on egg


Step 2: Speed up the dying process with a hair dryer
(About as exciting as watching paint dry, can you tell by Jason's posture/look on his face? lol)


Step 3: Dip egg in dye


Our eggs


 The finished product!

After the eggs had dried, it was time for the annual egg cracking contest, my German side of the family's tradition of almost 100 years!  I am proud to say that after losing to Jason the past two years, my purple egg and I became the 2010 Georgia Egg Cracking Champions!  Yippee!

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